Brendan Fraser

Photo of Brendan Fraser
Brendan Fraser is a Canadian actor who was born in the United States. He was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, but his father was a foreign service officer for the Canadian Government Office of Tourism. He's lived all over the world; Ottawa, Switzerland, Netherlands and some American cities to name a few.

Brendan Fraser married actress Afton Smith on September 27, 1998 and has two sons, Griffin Arthur and Holden Fletcher. He holds dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship and speaks fluent French. Fraser is an accomplished amateur photographer.

Most recently, he has been a guest-star on the American television show Scrubs.

And in March of 2006, it was announced that he would be receiving a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. He is the first American born actor to receive a star, and as of 2006, he still does not have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.