Corey Sevier

Photo of Corey Sevier
Corey Daniel Sevier is a Toronto-area actor from Ajax. He first scored a modelling job at the mere age of six months because he won a baby beauty pagent. Corey starred in Lassie, in which he was nominated for an award however he missed out. He also starred 2030 CE as Hart Greyson, a handsome hero trying to save the world and on the Fox television series North Shore as Gabriel McKay. Corey is an avid sportsman. He enjoys sports such a surfing,soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis, horseback riding and downhill skiing. At the school prom he was voted as Mr. Congeality and Most Hollywood- Bound. Corey is 5'11" and speaks both English and French.

He played the role of MegaMan Volnutt in the English version of the Mega Man Legends video game.