Kim Cattrall

Photo of Kim Cattrall
Kim Victoria Cattrall is an Anglo-Canadian actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Samantha Jones in the HBO comedy/romance series Sex and the City.

Cattrall has been married three times, to Larry Davis, Andre J. Lyson, who she divorced in 1989, and Levinson, who she divorced in 2004. She was previously engaged to actor Daniel Benzali and at age 25, briefly dated the now-deceased former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. She dated the much-younger Canadian chef Alan Wyse (over two decades her junior) from the summer of 2004 to 2005. She is currently involved with her Whose Life is it Anyway? co-star Alexander Siddig [1] best known for his role as Dr. Julian Bashir on the televsion series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Coincidentally, one of Kim Cattrall's more notable film roles was as the conspiring Vulcan protégé Lt. Valeris aboard the USS Enterprise in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.