Holly McNarland

Photo of Holly McNarland
Holly McNarland is a Winnipeg musician, singer and songwriter, most noted for her songs 'Numb' and 'Elmo'.

She collaborated with Matthew Good on the song 'Flight Recorder From Viking 7' from the album Loser Anthems.

Holly McNarland is one of those rare female vocalists, whose voice isn't breathy or cute, but packs a wallop that can literally affect your body. Really. Listen to her new album, Home Is Where My Feet Are, and while her whisper-to-a-scream voice may soothe on some songs, it can send shivers up your spine at the same time.

The Vancouver-based siren's voice is so intense yet vulnerable that it stirs emotions in listeners they didn't know they had. From the rockin' "Do You Get High" to the gorgeous "Beautiful Blue", Holly is a singing paradox, a super-charged pint-sized phenom both delicate and beautiful.