The Moffatts

Photo of The Moffatts
The Moffatts were a four brother band composed of Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave Moffatt. Eldest brother Scott was born on March 30, 1983 in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. Less than a year later, on March 8, 1984, triplets Bob, Clint and Dave were born in Vancouver. Although born on the same date, Bob and Clint are identical twins while Dave is a fraternal triplet.

Growing up in Tumbler Ridge and later Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, The Moffatts learned singing early in their lives and singing country music with their mother, Darlana and father, Frank Moffatt, first appearing on-stage in 1990. In 1992, after performing at large-scale country music festivals, the group was nominated for five awards by the British Columbia Country Music Association.

In 1992, the Moffatt family moved to Branson, Missouri where they performed at the Osmands theatre. In March of 1993 they moved to Nashville, Tennessee were they became regulars on TNN's Nashville Now with Ralph Emery. In October they joined the cast of the Country Tonite show at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1994 Country Tonite opened a new theatre in Branson and the Moffatts became a part of that cast. In June of 1995 they released their first country album, titled The Moffatts. In 1996, the brothers' parents divorced and the boys lived primarily with their father, who also managed the group until their 2001 break up.

In August 2001, the group broke up following their concert in London, Ontario. Scott Moffatt had had enough of the comparisons to Boy-bands and felt that the band wasn't receiving the credit they deserved as both musicians and entertainers and now that he had completed his five year commitment to the band chose to quit. Contrary to some beliefs Dave Moffatt's coming out of the closet had nothing to do with the break up of the Moffatts.

After the break-up, twins Bob and Clint Moffatt briefly joined a group called Pusch and performed at the 2002 Winter Olympics later to be renamed Hidell that lasted slightly over a year and released one album. Bob relocated to Ban Phe, Thailand where he began working on an English Singing contest with an Educational organization called TEFL International.As the project, called Starz, progressed and meetings took place with key executives in the local music industry, Bob convinced Clint to join him in Thailand and start a band called Same Same under the Thailand label and have chart topping hits in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Scott Moffatt resurfaced in an Ontario-based band The Boston Post (band), named after the old New England newspaper. The original lineup included Shawn Everett on drums, Jon Gant on guitar and Neal Gupta on bass. They released an EP titled It's 99PM in 2003. A video interview with Scott Moffatt from the Holiday Train show in Sparwood, BC on December 13th, 2005 confirmed that he planned to go solo and was recording in LA. On April 10th, 2006, song previews from the upcoming indy release The Allegory of the City were put up on his music page along with the promise of a limited edition version soon being available for pre order. The new songs are all acoustic and reveal a folk rock/pop vibe that still has the typical Scott Moffatt feel. He's done everything on the record himself; all instruments and vocals are done by him and he also did the production and mixing. The CD will be available worldwide but where and when he'll be doing shows or a full tour is unknown. The album is available at Scott is currently in Thailand producing a rock band called Slot Machine.